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     Pictured here is a 3x5 ft. Afghan rug, also known as a Baluch rug. Baluch rugs are made in Iran, Afghanistan and now in Pakistan. This rug with a wool foundation and wool pile was most likely made along the western side of Afghanistan. 

    This rug was the first hand-knotted rug that we sold. I loved the colors as well as the design and figured that it would be liked by others. I continue to purchase rugs that match my personal taste just incase for some reason that it never sells...  Please check out our site and Shop Persian Rugs with us today. You just might find something that you love!

First Baluch rug that we ever sold.

    Here we have pictured a 4x6 ft. Persian rug from the village of Tafresh / Tafrish in Iran. These rugs are well made both in materials and skill of the weavers. They are considered by some to be the best woven rugs of the Hamadan region. The design shown here is called a central medallion and corner. The medallion is also known as a clock-face medallion which always has sixteen segments, not the twelve you would think of on a clock. This medallion is thought to have come from the ancient Zoroastrian religion as a symbol of the sun.

    This rug is beautiful from the design down to the color scheme. The wool was soft and dense to the touch. It truly is a piece of Iranian art to be treasured.  In 2017 we sold this rug and shipped it to Australia.  It will be missed...

Amazing Tafresh Persian rug that we sold to Australia.

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