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About Qultuq (Gholtogh) Rugs

Qoltuq and Bidgeneh represent two Zanjan-area rug producers, that have their own distinctive characteristics, which make them more similar to other rug-producing areas. Qoltuq lies west of Zanjan, and about 50 miles northeast of Bijar.


Unlike Zanjan, the village of Qoltuq makes a double-wefted rug, and thus departs from Zanjan and other Hamadan region rugs, which are usually single-wefted. Qoltuq rugs are of fine construction, and can be well-made and very attractive.

3'x5' Gholtogh Persian Rug.jpg

Qoltuq lies close to the area where Hamadan gives way to Azerbaijan rugs and carpets, with Ardebil-like weave, but retaining many Hamadan design features. While there is some similarity to Zanjan in their color combinations, there are many other designs and color schemes, as well.


In Qoltuq, there is greater use of green, and wide use of black, rather than dark blues. Qoltuqs also tend to be thin, like Zanjans – The weight seems to be more in the back of the rug.

Gholtogh Persian Rug.jpg
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