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About us

    We are a small business in Fort Wayne, IN that sells Persian and Oriental rugs.  I started this business as a hobby from an interest that was introduced to me by my father.  I started out purchasing nomadic rugs made by the Baluchi nomads. These rugs are more commercially produced today, still handmade but not intended for the personal use of the Baluchi in Iran or Afghanistan.  These small prayer rugs offer beautiful colors, fascinating designs and are made with excellent quality wool.  I have always enjoyed these rugs and still have some available today.  Currently, we specialize in rugs from the Hamadan area of Iran. 100's of villages produce rugs near and far from the city of Hamadan but are grouped into this very same category.  We enjoy narrowing down the true origin for the customer and showing what makes them different from other villages.  

    We take great pride in the rugs we sell and try to educate ourselves and our customers about the rugs that we enjoy so much.  It's an ever-going process to learn about these rugs and how they are made.  

Ben Clymer at Shipshewana Trade Show.jpg

   This photo was taken at the Shipshewana Antique & Flower Show. We enjoyed showing off our beautiful Oriental rugs.

Our Mission Statement

Short & Sweet

  We stride to always maintain our Integrity as a business that our customers can be confident, satisfied and enlightened in buying from us. Trust in us and our products is important in any business but especially one that is primarily active online.

Our Goals

    We enjoy selling Persian and Oriental rugs at We will continue to offer spectacular rugs with striking colors and bold designs.  We hope that in the near future we will be able to provide a wider variety of services such as rug repairs and cleaning services. Follow us on Facebook for updates such as these in the future. 

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