Oriental Rug Cleaning

    Dusting your rug is a very important process and is something that the customer should do at home on a regular basis. For rugs that are 5'x7' or smaller do this once a month or twice a year for larger rugs and carpets. We flip your rug so it is resting face down. We apply vacuum to the back. Beater bars shouldn't be used on the pile or should be raised to the maximum height.

    Once we've done this process then the rug can be flipped over and a lot of the dirt and debris within the rug has fallen through our dusting mat to the ground. Then do a quick vacuum of the top to remove anything that fell from within to the top surface. Now the rug is ready for further cleaning.


Soaking & More

    Next we allow the rug to soak in an acidic mix which both allows the rug's dyes to stabilize and also works as a disinfectant when mixed with our all natural cleaning product. Depending on the cleaning needed the rug may soak for 30 minutes to 2 hours with some regular agitation.

    Our cleaning product is all natural so you could technically eat it, however you wouldn't want to. Our cleaning product is added anywhere from 1 to 3 times in different methods as needed to complete the cleaning process. When complete, your rug is left clean and Oder free.

    Every rug is different and so are the cleaning necessities of that rug. This is why we don't offer flat rates per square foot.


    For a wash quote please text us @ 908.588.7847 with a picture and dimensions of the rug in question.

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