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Best Way to Remove Dog Urine from Carpet.

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Urine Removal from Machine Made Carpet:

The best way to remove dog urine, or any pet urine for that matter, is to do it quickly. If we're referring to residential carpet, then hiring a professional to extract the urine and odor from the carpet is the best solution, as they typically perform better than the residential models. Tackling this process sooner than later is preferred as urine crystalizes into the fibers of the carpet and possibly into the pad below it, making it much more difficult to remove the odor.

Urine Removal from Oriental Rugs & Carpets:

Urine removal from an Oriental rug is critical that it's done quickly. Not only does urine smell, but it can damage the dyes in the rug, permanently changing the colors. Once the urine crystalizes, it's much more difficult to remove without using enzymes.

Cleaners for Oriental Rugs

There are many Oriental rug cleaners around the world that claim to remove urine from rugs, however, I've never been convinced of a system until now. In my eyes, there's one proven system for removing urine from an Oriental rug, designed around the structure of an Oriental rug, to clean the rug as effectively and safely as possible, to prevent damage or bleeding of the dyes.

Meir Martin, the owner of PetPeePee Service,

specializes in removing dog/cat urine from Oriental rugs and draperies. I've seen his system on Youtube, where he shares a look into his business cleaning Oriental rugs. Meir Martin uses minerals from the Dead Sea as well as Industrial Vinegar to kill bacteria and cleanse the rug. His XpetPee machine starts out by gently soaking the carpet in the minerals and then flushing the rug, through the rug. This process truly helps remove the urine crystals and keeps the waste moving in one direction from the rug. His machine displays the wastewater as it's being eliminated, to indicate whether the carpet is clean or needs another round.

PetPeePee even guarantees in writing, 100% urine odor removal permanently!

If you aren't currently using a rug pad under your Oriental rugs, you need one of these from Amazon now. It's 1/4" thick, felt with rubber on the bottom. It's a great choice to protect your Oriental rug(s) and also helps prevent falls. You can click on Amazon above or the ad below to check out these high-quality rug pads.

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