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Welcome to our Index of Oriental Rugs and Information!

    Thank you for checking out We greatly appreciate your time and hope you find what you're searching for. This index is an accumulation of information about individual rug producing locations and the rugs found there. This index will continue to be a work in progress so please continue to check back every so often for more information.

Rugs from Iran

Afshar Rugs
Afshar Bijar Rugs
Alamdar Rugs
Bakhtiari Rugs
Baluch Rugs
Bebehan Rugs
Bibi-kabad Rugs
Bidgeneh Rugs
Bijar Rugs
Borchalu Rugs
Borujird Rugs
Chenar Rugs
Engeles (Injilas)
Esfahan Rugs (Isfahan)
Gharajah (Karaja)
Gholtough (Qultuq)

Hamadan Rugs

Heriz Rugs

Hosseinabad Rugs

Isfahan Rugs (Esfahan)

Josheghan Rugs

Jozan Rugs

Kakaberu Rugs

Karaghan Rugs

Karaja (Gharajah)

Khamseh Rugs

Kashan Rugs

Kashmar Rugs

Kolyai Rugs

Lilihan Rugs

Luri Rugs

Malayir Rugs

Mehriban Rugs

Meshad Rugs

Mir Saraband Rugs

Nahavand Rugs

Nain Rugs

Qashqai Rugs

Qultuq (Gholtough) Rugs

Saraband Rugs

Sarouk Rugs 

Senneh Rugs

Shiraz Rugs

Sirjan Rugs

Tabriz Rugs

Taimeh Rugs

Tafresh Rugs

Tuisarkan Rugs

Ushvan Rugs (Mishin-Malayir)

Vordoveh Rugs

Zagheh Rugs

Zanjan Rugs

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