Gharajeh Persian Rug (Karaja)Dimensions | 2.5 × 4 ft.Materials | wool pile & cotton foundation Country of Origin | Iran (Persian)Village | GharajehEstimated Age | 1970 - 1990About Gharajeh (Karaja) Persian Rugs    Gharajeh is a village west of Heriz in western Iran. Gharajeh produces rugs that are very distinctive in design and colors. Gharajeh rugs mostly are found with an allover medallion design and most commonly dominated by shades of red. These rugs are single-wefted with cotton warps and gray wefts. The selvage is usually a flat selvage which is commonly associated with rugs of Azerbaijan and some groups of nomads. Condition of this Gharajeh Rug    This is a beautiful and authentic Gharajeh Persian rug. The rug has a low/medium even wool pile. There are no holes, tears or repairs. This rug is in excellent condition.  Please message us if you want more photographs or have questions. 

Gharajeh / Karaja | 2'5" × 4'

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