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Jozan Persian Rug


Origin | Iran (Persian)

Dimensions | 3'6" × 5'1"

Type | Hand-Knotted / Double-Wefted

Pile Material | Wool

Foundation Material | Cotton

Condition | Excellent - Like New


Detailed Condition This is a lovely hand-knotted Persian rug from the village of Jozan that makes Sarouk like rugs. Similar to a Sarouk but plenty of village character that is truly unique to Jozan. Dark indigo blue fields are most common and often have abrash (color change). This rug is soft and has full pile that is even throughout. This rug is a high quality work of art that can last for generations.


About Jozans Of the rugs made in the Malayer area (from the communities of Malayer, Taimeh, and Jozan), which are located southeast of Hamadan and northwest of Arak, the village of Jozan produces rugs that are considered the most-durable, beautiful and best-valued, of that group. Malayers as a whole may somewhat resemble American Saruks, but actually are more closely related to the older traditions of the Saruk and Ferahan regions. Malayers, unlike Saruks, which use Persian knots, are always double-wefted and use the Turkish knot. Usually Malayers contain a central medallion. They often utilize a “white-dotted” coping around the medallion, and a “rope-loop” effect of the main border. The exquisite use of color in much of the Malayer-Jozan area derives from the ongoing use of natural dyes. Also, the wools are of excellent quality, in terms of strength, feel, and durability. The characteristic dark blue background provides a contrast to the colorful foreground medallion and design. Jozan rugs often use a very distinctive medallion, a dark field, with the noted white dots medallion, and rope-loop white dot effect on the border. Jozans are very attractive, with good color, beautiful designs, and luscious, soft, and durable wool pile. They continue to be valued by rug enthusiasts. - William E. Clymer III.

Jozan Rug | 3'6" × 5'1"

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