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Where Can I Find Cheap Persian Rugs?

Are all the great deals online or local?

I've been purchasing Persian rugs for the last seven years and actively search under every rock, and behind every door to find cheap Persian rugs. Early on in my business I was reminded, that one doesn't make money on the sell, but on the buy instead. This has stuck with me for years and is every bit true. I will share with you, 9 places, both online and local, where you can find cheap Persian rugs. You'll find an enormous selection of deals online, but the savings of purchasing locally may leave you smiling.

  1. Facebook Marketplace - There's no shortage of Persian rugs listed on this platform, however, not every listing is accurate or even reasonably priced. The key to finding cheap Persian rugs on here is to find listings from individuals that aren't selling other rugs or really share any interest in them.

  2. OfferUp - This buy/sell app is a decent place to look for Persian rugs from individuals that are looking to declutter their space. People can list rugs on this platform and advertise across the United States but must pay fees to do so. Be careful meeting up locally if you're planning on carrying a lot of cash. Meet in a busy location. This app as well as others have a lot of people trying to scam.

  3. Ebay - The marketplace for auctions, buy it now and best offers. There are tons of cheap Persian rugs on Ebay. Most people selling rugs on this platform are running a business, not the cheapest option, but you can still find reasonable deals and even find a treasure or two. Like many other platforms, vendors are misinformed on their products or are simply dishonest. Ebay for the most part keeps the platform pretty safe for buyers and sellers.

  4. Mercari - I've used Mercari for years and sold many rugs on their app. Unfortunately, they're making it more difficult for people to sell actual Persian rugs on here in relation to the items ban, sanctions on Iran. Many rugs, not even from Iran, are getting flagged on this platform and removed due to a lack of documentation and an ignorance about Oriental rugs. I still maintain an existence on this app and occasionally search for interesting rugs that pop up.

  5. Etsy - This platform is almost a repeat of the Mercari platform as far as eliminating the sale of Persian rugs. Some still make it through without Etsy knowing. This platform mostly caters towards vendors and their creation of an online identity. This platform might be a better solution for finding cheap Persian rugs if you're residing outside of the United States.

  6. Craigslist - Craigslist in my opinion is kind of outdated but has an app where you can search items in your local community or elsewhere. You'll never know when someone will list the rug, you're looking for minutes before you look. It only takes minutes to search.

  7. Local Thrift Stores - This local option has a lot of potential. There are many different thrift stores and often times many locations in a single city. You know some of the big ones, Goodwill and the American Red Cross. I've heard many stories from people picking up hand-knotted Persian/Oriental rugs from thrift stores for cheap. Several years ago, I knew a guy in Canada that would send me pictures of his finds to get help with identification. If you have the time to look, you never know what you might find.

  8. Estate Sales - If you search for Estate Sales in your area, they can be a great option for finding cheap Persian rugs. A nice Persian rug or some other hand-knotted rug might make up a small part of a family Estate and most people may not give it a second thought. In larger cities there may be rug dealers looking for these same opportunities, but you'll never know if you don't give it a chance.

  9. Garage Sales - Sometimes people are looking for a new look for their living room, aren't you? They may sell a nice rug for next to nothing to make space for the new, or perhaps it was a hand-me-down and didn't know what they had. Often times, you can negotiate prices and typically walk away with a pretty reasonable deal. All these local options have the one added benefit of avoiding the insane cost of shipping a Persian rug. I deal with shipping costs all the time and constantly get frustrated with it. Just remember, look under every rock and behind every door. You never know what you may find!

When you do find that perfect Persian rug for your home. Don't forget to purchase a rug pad, that's at least 1/4" thick with a rubber backing, to help ensure that your rug lasts for decades. Find our link below for recommended rug pads.

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