ZAGHEH Persian Rug


Dimensions | 3.1 × 4.9 ft.

Materials | wool pile & cotton foundation

Country of Origin | Iran (Persian)

Method | hand-knotted


About Zagheh Persian Rugs:

Zagheh is a village northwest of Hamadan that produces rugs with the Herati pattern. These rugs typically have a diamond shaped medallion with teeth motifs. These rugs use a single-weft construction like those made around the city of Hamadan but unlike their neighbor Taimeh which is double-wefted. Designs are similar between these two villages but are clearly distinguished by their structure.


Condition of ZAGHEH Rug:

It has a low and even woollen pile. The rug features characteristics that are common to this village such as a diamond medallion with teeth motifs, overall herati pattern and single-wefted construction. No holes or tears. Excellent fringe and selvage on the sides. This is a beautiful piece of Iranian art!

Zagheh Hamadan | 3'1" × 4'9"

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