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VORDOVEH Persian Rug


Dimensions | 3.4 × 5.4 ft.

Materials | wool / camel pile & cotton foundation

Origin | Iran (Persian)

Village | Vordoveh

Method | hand-knotted


About VORDOVEH Rugs:

Vordoveh is a village near the city of Tuisarkan in Iran. The medallion in this rug along with the light green is characteristic of rugs from this village. Rugs are made well with great quality wool and clipped relatively short. Camel fields are well known from Vordoveh, however other color fields can be found.


Condition of this VORDOVEH:

The wool pile is clipped mostly short, but is in good condition. The selvage is in excellent condition. The rug doesn't rest completely flat on the floor. See photos. This rug has been previously repaired as seen in photos. Overall this is a beautiful piece of Iranian art from the village of Vordoveh.

Vordoveh Rug | 3'4" x 5'4"

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$355.00 Regular Price
$330.00Sale Price
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