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Tabriz Persian Rug


Dimensions | 3'3" × 5'0"

Origin | Iran (Persian)

Type | Hand-Knotted / Double-Wefted

Design | Mahi

Pile Material | Wool

Foundation Material | Cotton

Condition | Excellent


About Tabriz:

Tabriz carpets and rugs, representing some of the finest products of the Persian carpet world, are made in and near Tabriz, a city in northwestern Iran, in the province of Azerbaijan. This is an ancient center of carpet production in the Persian world. Tabriz carpets are known for their excellent quality, array of designs and styles, and aesthetic beauty. They utilize the “Turkish knot”, and are of excellent durability and of quite tight weave. One of the most popular motifs/designs is the “Mahi” (fish) rug, which utilizes the Herati pattern - This motif is often conceptualized as representing fish rising to the surface at full moon, circling the moon’s face. Tabriz carpet industries were at their height in the 12th through 16th centuries, but were around long before that, and continue to be identified with excellence of their carpet craft. Many Tabriz carpets depict scenes, from historical events or poetry, or utilize a “Tree of Life” motif. They exhibit considerable variety, and creative finesse. Tabriz carpets and rugs remain an enduring tradition in the world of Persian carpet making, in terms of beauty and quality. - William E. Clymer III.


Detailed Condition:

This authentic Persian rug is in excellent overall condition. The pile is almost perfectly even with one exception that is pointed out and super hard to find. Long fringe and nice overcasting on the selvage will mean this rug can be enjoyed for a long time to come. This rug is high quality and can be seen in its detail. It is a great work of Iranian art!

Tabriz Mahi Rug | 3'3" × 5'0"

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$770.00 Regular Price
$470.00Sale Price
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