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Sarouk Persian Rug


Origin | Iran (Persian)

Dimensions| 3'4" × 5'1"

Type | Hand-Knotted / Double-Wefted

Pile Material | Wool

Foundation Material | Cotton

Condition: Excellent


About Sarouks:

Sarouk carpets have been known throughout the 20th century. Since the early 1900s until the 1950s, their success was stimulated by the American market. These carpets were adapted to American and European tastes, and their colors were predominantly different from many other Persian carpets.

Sarouk itself is one of several villages located 30 miles south of Sultanabad (Arak). Many of the carpet weavers of the Sarouk rugs were carpet weavers from the Tabriz area, who found Sarouk to be an ideal location for establishing an American-oriented carpet industry.

The American and European market appreciated the curvilinear and floral designs of these rugs, and they were often dyed a deep raspberry color. Sarouk area rugs were known for being heavy and fairly well made. Sultanabad and the surrounding towns and villages such as Sarouk, Farahan and Lilihan were the most famous in the US.

Sarouk rugs and carpets continue to be made today, although they no longer dye the rugs, post-production. They are known for their exceptional quality and ability to withstand literally decades of wear. Carpets and rugs from the Sarouk region remain very popular. Sarouks also continue to be made with high standards of production, with durable wool, and they continue to use a Persian knot in the weaving.

Typically “Sarouks” have characteristic blue weft threads; pinkish, salmon, or red colors mixed with ivorys and blues; and a very traditional, floral style. The finest of the modern Sarouk rugs come from the small town of Ghiassabad . - William E. Clymer III.


Detailed Condition:

This Sarouk is in very good overall condition. Excellent fringe on the ends and selvedge on the sides. Great design, lovely colors, and soft pile that's ready to be treasured for generations. Lower pile on one corner of the rug shown in pictures.

Sarouk Rug | 3'4" × 5'1"

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