DARJAZIN Persian RugDimensions | 4.6 × 6.7 ft.Materials | wool pile & cotton foundationCountry of Origin | Iran (Persian)Village | DarjazinMethod | hand-knottedAbout Darjazin: Darjazin rugs are a hand-made wool rug, from the village of Darjazin, located in the province of Hamadan in northwest Iran. Darjazin’s population was 2,629 in the 2006 census, with 689 families. This is an area with an ancient rug-making tradition. Many of the rugs of the larger Hamadan region are marketed under the generic name of “Hamadan”. The Hamadan region contains at least 70,000 rug weavers, 95% of whom are women. Despite the generic marketing of Hamadan rugs and carpets, there are also numerous villages that market their products under their own village/community name. Among these are the well-known Nahavand, Malayer, Tuisarkan, Tafresh, and Darjazin. 
Darjazin rugs are known for being durable and well-made. They are woven of a good quality wool, are double-wefted, use the Persian knot, and they produce a number of designs, including simple floral, geometric, boteh and Herati designs. They frequently utilize natural dyes; including reds, dark blues, and ivory; and use a characteristic navy blue field, which is reminiscent of Malayer rugs. Many Darjazin rugs sold in Western markets are “runners”, which are narrow (2’- 4’ width) and long (8’ – 16’ length). Some Darjazin rugs have a characteristic kilim ending, at one end, and a fringe at the opposite end. Darjazin are considered to be tribal and village productions. - William E. Clymer III
Detailed Condition:The rug is in very good condition with one small area towards the outside edge, mid way down where it was sheared incorrectly. (shown in pictures) The pile is thick, soft and even other than that one spot mentioned earlier. Please feel free to contact us with any questions of if you want more photographs.

Darjazin | 4'6" × 6'7"

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