CHENAR Persian Rug


Dimensions | 2.5 x 4 ft.

Materials | wool pile & cotton foundation

Country of Origin | Iran

Village | Chenar

Province | Lorestan

Estimated Age | 2000 - Now


About Chenar Rugs


    Chenar is a small village directly south of the city of Hamadan.  People of Chenar make small rugs and runners more similar in design to rugs of neighboring Kurdish villages than those around the city of Hamadan.  Rugs are single-wefted and made with good quality wool. These rugs wear well and are usually made with knot counts under 150 kpsi. 


Condition of this Chenar Persian Rug


    This Chenar Persian rug is in excellent condition.  The pile is medium thickness and is even throughout the rug.  The fringe and selvage are both in excellent condition.  The colors are bright and yet still harmonious as a hole rug.  This beautiful Iranian rug is a work of art and can be enjoy for a long time to come.  Please message me if you have any questions or need additional photographs. Thanks for looking!

Chenar Hamdan | 2'5" × 4'

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