Mori Bokhara Rug

Dimensions | 4 × 5.10 ft
Materials | wool pile and cotton foundation 
Country of Origin | Pakistan 
Estimated Age | 35 years old

About Mori Bokhara Rugs

    Mori Bokhara rugs are all hand-knotted rugs from the country of Pakistan.  They are mostly quality rugs that can be found in a variety of colors. Guls feature similar designs of Turkoman tribes.

Condition of this Mori Bokhara Rug

    This beautiful rug is estimated to be 35 years old. It has low uneven wool pile with a few hard to see stains. The fringe is in excellent condition and the selvage is good and showing signs of wear. The colors are very attractive and can make your living space truly unique.

Mori Bokhara | 4'0" × 5'10"

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