Hamadan / Lilihan Persian Rug

Origin | Iran (Persian)

Dimensions| 4'0" × 6'11"

Type | Hand-Knotted / Single-Wefted

Pile Material | Wool

Foundation Material | Cotton

Condition | Very Good


About Hamadan/Lilihan:

Lilihan rugs are another product of the famous Hamadan rug-weaving region, in western Iran, in the southern part of the Markazi Province (east of Hamadan Province). Lilihan rugs, known as Karameh by European buyers, rather than Lilihan as with American buyers, were produced originally by Armenian weavers. Lilihan rugs, often associated with Sarouk rugs, that also had a more Western market, are single-wefted with a pink weft, use strong wool, and are tightly woven, with a sturdy weave and long thick pile. They have a cotton foundation. They are the only rugs in the Sultanabad area to be single-wefted. Like Sarouk rugs, they have similar designs, thickness, and color schemes. Lilihan rugs generally range in size from 4’x6’ up to about 8’x10’. Often they have geometric patterns or distinctive floral motifs. A salmon colored field is usually contrasted with darker surrounding colors, especially browns. These are rugs that remain popular, are attractive and well-made, and a good addition to many home decors. They remain affordable, compared to some of the higher-priced workshop rugs, and largely available. - William E. Clymer III


Detailed Condition:

This Persian rug is hand-knotted near the village of Lilihan which is close to the ancient city of Hamadan in Iran. This beautiful rug has striking colors, soft even wool and a design that is truly fascinating. The fringe and selvedge are in excellent condition. This rug is in excellent overall condition and is a great work of art which is signed by the maker, in the pile. (shown in pictures)

Hamadan | 4'0" × 6'11"

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