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Gholtogh Persian Rug


Dimensions | 3'2" × 5'1"

Origin | Iran (Persian)

Type | Hand-Knotted / Double-Wefted

Pile Material | Wool

Foundation Material | Cotton


Condition This beautiful rug has a soft and even medium pile. The weave is fine and double-wefted. This rug has a yellow abrash (color change) that was created when the rug was originally woven on the loom. There are a few areas of re-knotted pile, one creating a lighter colored abrash. This rug has a couple corners that want to curl but the rug does rest flat on the floor. It is a beautiful and fine example of the Iranian arts.


About Gholtogh (Qoltuq)

Qoltuq and Bidgeneh represent two Zanjan-area rug producers, that have their own distinctive characteristics, which make them more similar to other rug-producing areas. Qoltuq lies west of Zanjan, and about 50 miles northeast of Bijar. Unlike Zanjan, the village of Qoltuq makes a double-wefted rug, and thus departs from Zanjan and other Hamadan region rugs, which are usually single-wefted. Qoltuq rugs are of fine construction, and can be well-made and very attractive. Qoltuq lies close to the area where Hamadan gives way to Azerbaijan rugs and carpets, with Ardebil-like weave, but retaining many Hamadan design features. While there is some similarity to Zanjan in their color combinations, there are many other designs and color schemes, as well. In Qoltuq, there is greater use of green, and wide use of black, rather than dark blues. Qoltuqs also tend to be thin, like Zanjans – The weight seems to be more in the back of the rug.

Bidgeneh is a village that lies near Qoltuq, both about equal-distant from Bijar to the southeast, and to Zanjan in the northwest. Bidgeneh produces rugs with an appearance that is Bijar-like, and which are also stiff, and double-wefted, like Bijars. They utilize herati and other designs, and visually some have a noted resemblance to Afshar rugs. While these Bijar-like productions are usually not as good as Bijars, at times they can be quite comparable in quality of weave and in appearance, yet are usually much less expensive.

Gholtogh Rug | 3'2" × 5'1"

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