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Welcome to the Custom Tafresh Design!


This rug will be hand-knotted to order - takes approximately 3 - 9 months once the colors have been selected.

- You will work with us using color poms to select ALL NINE colors in this design

- We will update you along the path of creation with pictures of your hand-knotted work of art

- Shipping and Import Fees are all included in the total


We are here to assist in the process, answer any questions you may have and make this process simple and enjoyable!


The picture in this listing shows a finished rug with the same design you are ordering. The computer asssisted design (CAD) images shown in the listing, break down the design into three colors per page, making it simpler to select colors and see how they are utilized in the design.


Once all colors have been selected, a Final CAD will be created, showing you a representation of your custom rug.

Custom Tafresh Rug | Starting at $605

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