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Welcome to the Art of Carpet Weaving!


We take great pride in our products / services and guarantee a satisfactory experience every time. Our goal is to create an oustanding product that meets your highest expectations so that you'll recommend us to your friends and family every time. We want you to continue to enjoy the skills and beauty that our hand-knotted Artisans have to offer.


We always use high quality wools, from local sources in India or New Zealand. The hardiness of the wool is most important to ensure that your rug lasts for years.


1.) This is the first step to creating a custom rug or carpet. This package can be purchased before or after receiving a quote for your project. We will need a photo(s) of the design(s) you'd like your rug or carpet designed from. 


This Package Includes:

1 x CAD (Computer Assisted Design) 

Color Selection Assistance for Your CAD




CAD (Computer Assisted Design) can take a couple Weeks to a couple Months to design depending on the complexity of the design or limited details of pictures provided.


CAD & Color Selection Package doesn't include the cost of production | Non-Refundable


What will the rug or carpet cost? Click Here for A Quote


Here is a price chart that shows an estimate. Note: prices are always changing and this chart won't reflect those changes.


CAD Drawing & Color Selection

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