Bakhtiari Persian Rug Origin | Iran (Persia)Village | BoldajiDimensions | 5'3" × 6'9"Type | Hand-Knotted / Single-WeftedPile Material | WoolFoundation | CottonCondition | Very Good About Bakhtiari Rugs:       Bakhtiar rugs and carpets are produced by a number of ethnically and linguistically diverse peoples living in the Zagros Mountains of central Iran, west of Isfahan. Many of these peoples were derived originally from the Bakhtiar peoples, who were an historically nomadic peoples related to the Luri peoples. While the larger carpet industry of the region is called “Bakhtiari”, its carpet-makers speak a number of different languages, including Persian and Arabic. Some of the villages in this region that are associated with the carpet industry, include Boldaji, Feridan, Saman, and Chal-e-Shotor.    Bakhtiari rugs have a solid reputation, both for the high quality of their wools, and the durability and beauty of their rugs. These rugs are well known for their use of a Garden Panel design, expressing the beauty of a Persian garden by utilizing separate panels with plant and animal designs. Other designs feature medallions, like the “tree of life”, which resemble those of their neighbors from Isfahan. The best rugs of the Bakhtiari are referred to as "Bibibaft", which means “woman’s weave”. Detailed Condition:       This rug is in very good condition with a low-medium wool pile. The pile is even with no foundation showing. The fringe on the ends and selvedge on the sides are in excellent condition. This amazing garden panel design features trees, flowers and birds in a Persian garden and woven by women in settled Bakhtiari tribes of the village of Boldaji. This rug can last for generations if taken care of properly.

Bakhtiari | 5'3" × 6'9"

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