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Persian Rugs; Why Are They So Expensive to Buy?

This is a great questions; really quite simple to answer, but if you're unfamiliar with what a Persian rug is, it makes since to ask this. A Persian rug is either a 1.) hand knotted rug or a

2.) flat weave rug from Iran or the region of the world once recognized as Persia.

Fine 3x5 village made Persian rug
3x5 Persian Rug from Jozan in Iran

There are many other Persian Rug Stores online answering this exact question, however, their answers may be written more from a Salesman's perspective than what you're truly searching for.

Part of the reason why Persian rugs are so expensive is due to the skilled nature of the weaver and the high quality materials woven into the rug, but this isn't the full answer.

  1. Skilled Weavers

  2. High Quality Wool, Silk & Cotton

  3. Labor Costs

Labor costs around the world effect how business' may compete with one another. As we're discussing why Persian rugs are so expensive; I may ask you compared to what? For example, Persian rugs may be more expensive than a comparable rug from India, but not necessarily by an enormous amount. If we look at this example showing the cost of a hand knotted rug manufactured in the United States; you'd say that is insanely expensive.

After observing this chart, perhaps the price of Persian rugs doesn't sound so extravagant, with the exceptions of some rugs from famous weavers or rare antiques. These rugs exist, but the vast majority of rugs don't exhibit this extreme level of expense.

Other fees from Importing, shipping and massive profit mark-ups are common once the rugs hit their brick and mortar destination. These additional expenses add up and make an expensive Persian rug look so much more extreme!

Hand knotted rugs are a work of skilled art, that's both time consuming to produce as a weaver may spend a good portion of a year on a single rug and utilizes a lot of material in the process. Persian rugs & other Oriental rugs for that matter, employ many, many people worldwide.

A fine handmade rug is a luxury, and fortunately there are many around the world and even in the United States at very reasonable prices. You just have to know where to look! Check out our blog on where can I find cheap Persian rugs?

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