There, Knot There But Where?

As you can guess this post is about rug placement in your home; or maybe more about where not to put them. You may think rug placement is simply silly to discuss but is actually much more important when talking about handwoven rugs. Lets keep it simple though with just three tips.

  1. Don't place rugs in areas with full sun. Sunlight can fade the colors in your rug if left in sunlight for large periods of time. If you notice this happening then either move the rug from sunlight or rotate it to even out fading between the two sides. Curtains or shades can give your rug a much needed break from sunlight. Get creative and try your rug in many places to see what works best.

  2. Don't place rugs in high moisture areas like basements that won't completely dry. Having rugs in bathrooms or kitchens isn't a bad idea necessarily but leaving handmade rugs wet will lead to mildew and rot in the foundation which can destroy these wonderful works of art. Basements aren't recommended unless you're prepared to deal with it flooding. Make sure you have fans and good air circulation to dry your rug completely.

  3. Don't place rugs under heavy or sharp footed furniture. This rule is often broken as carpets are placed in the center of living and dinning rooms with furniture overlapping. Furniture, like tables, couches and chairs press down the rug's pile fibers and wears them down with subtle vibrations over time. This will cause low pile spots with time and eventually expose the foundation. This issue can be difficult depending on the size of your rug and room. It's definitely something to consider when looking to purchase a rug.

Here I only named a few things to consider when placing a rug but there are many more from high traffic areas to pets and even pests. Take your time and enjoy finding the perfect home for your rug or carpet. You can always re-move it later and don't forget to protect your rug on hard floors with a quality rug pad. - By Ben Clymer with

Continue enjoying the paths we walk on!

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