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Brick & Mortar Oriental Rugs Store

Fort Wayne's Oriental Rug Store, SHOPPERSIANRUGS, at the Shipshewana's Antique & Flower Show 3/30/18

If you don't remember this, then you already missed it. This isn't anything new, just a glimpse of the past. Here it is, late in 2022 and I'm looking back at our first taste of being a brick & mortar Oriental Rugs Store, where we rented a booth at the Shipshewana Antiques & Flower Show.

Even though we consider ourselves to be an E Rugs Store, we still enjoy the one-on-one interaction of assisting a customer to find the perfect rug or carpet.

We recognize that we live in the age of the internet and operate a business that's a relatively small niche, which means the internet is most likely the location for us.

Non the less, it was fun and won't be a last as we're always considering new trade shows in the area of Northeast Indiana.

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Showcasing a Balochis rug in this picture was a good friend of mine, Graig Vanolmen, who will be missed, 2021.

Here are some Persian rugs that we didn't have room to showcase at our booth, but fortunately there was an empty spot next to us.

  1. Top Left: Tafresh Rug

  2. Top Right: Bakhtiari Rug

  3. Front: Hamadan Rug

All these rugs are hand-knotted rugs from Iran and no longer available, but we have

similar designs available at our Persian Rugs Store. Or you can check out All Our Rugs by clicking here. We now offer custom hand-knotted rugs as well. Find out more about these by visiting SHOPCUSTOMRUGS, or by clicking here.

Our trade show booth at the Shipshewana Trade Show
Bewyac Group /

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