No ONE Reason to GO Persian

Welcome to the completely optimistic article on choosing Persian rugs and carpets for your home or office. As an entrepreneur and hobbyist I have grown to recognize the vast reasons for purchasing Persian rugs and carpets. You might be searching for more color in your life, great designs, soft and luxurious, mysterious, tribal, elegant, decor, high traffic, cultural, antiques, collectible, something unique or any other reason you may think of to buy a hand-knotted Persian rug or carpet.

While there are so many reasons to purchase and enjoy these rugs; there are an equal number of peers and consumers out there scrutinizing your decision with their opinions on why you should or shouldn't purchase a particular rug. Some are reasonable while others are narrow minded and unconcerned with your reasons for being a consumer.

I certainly understand the opinions of professionals on high quality carpets from places like Tabriz and Esfahan but hardly see the relevance of it to someone simply looking for a change in decor while on a budget. This doesn't devalue high quality carpets nor does it devalue someone's choice for purchasing a Persian rug from elsewhere. Modern day carpet production does have some differences from semi antique and antique rugs from region to region but these differences are only important to one niche of consumer, while not as important to another.

Persian rugs in my opinion are simply beautiful, mysterious, well made and always enjoyable. There is always some truth to the phrase that you get what you pay for but this doesn't mean that there aren't incredible deals to be found, because there are.

If you find something that you love or are mystified by; why not buy it?

It's art...right? A one of a kind hand-knotted rug...Of course it is and you can touch and feel it.

I'm neither here to decide for you nor diminish the qualities that gravitated you towards a purchase. I simply want to encourage consumers to buy the rugs they love and not what someone tells you to purchase. Buy what you want, spend what you want and always enjoy it!

Continue enjoying the paths we walk on!