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Do's and Don'ts of buying an Affordable Oriental rug

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

If you're looking for an Affordable Oriental Rug, I might not tell you what you want to hear, but I believe there is some value in reading to the end. First of all, if you're searching for and Oriental rug, is being affordable really on the top of your list? or did you not think it through. Affordable Oriental rugs are attainable, but at what cost. The time spent searching or knowledge needed to know what to look for can be difficult.

There are many places to search for an affordable Oriental rug, especially with access to the world wide web today. You can find a good selection of rugs and carpets on Marketplace, Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon, Google, Auction Houses, Thrift Stores and so many other places, but what will it get you? A Guarantee? A good Return Policy? A Pet-Stained rug? A Pest problem? Possibly a headache is what I think. You get the idea. Any one of these situations are possible issues that you might run into. I've been there before and can tell you that it cost me more than I was expecting.

Here is my beautiful Bibi-Kabad Persian rug from Iran that I purchased on Marketplace. The price was about $250 for a 3x5 ft. but hey it was so lovely and looked so soft to touch. What could possibly go wrong?

At first the rug was insanely filthy and stiff to the touch. I could hear a crunchy sound when folding the rug. A crunchy sound?

My mind started to run to, OMG, my rug has dry rot and is falling apart in my bare hands. A mentor of mine and fellow business owner suggested soaking the rug in the tub to moisten the foundation a little bit. I would never recommend this to anyone, but this guy knows his rugs and knew there was a zero chance of the rug bleeding. He was correct, but OMG, look at the urine just oozing from the rug into the water. After several soakings and a washing, the rug is now fresh and soft, but the difficulties are far from over. The rug has three prior slits through the back of the rug that need to be repaired as well as the ends being intact. I can officially say that after two years this rug is still an uncompleted project waiting to be relisted for sale. It's an amazing rug, but the time and cost that's needed is simply unreal.

Let's get down to the do's and don'ts of purchasing an affordable Oriental rug. Let's start with the do's.

  1. If you're purchasing a rug online, check both descriptions and photos thoroughly.

  2. Check that the online site accepts returns and know whether they pay for return shipping or if you do. Ask about restocking fees.

  3. Check out reviews for the person or business

  4. Ask if there is any knowledge of pets or smoking in the home that the rug came from if the rug is pre-owned.

  5. Ask if there have been any repairs or if the rug currently needs them.

The don'ts of buying an affordable oriental rug

  1. Seller says, "the rug is in good condition for the age or vintage condition", this means that there is wear to the rug and the seller feels that it's worth the customer overlooking. Not on your dime!

  2. Don't purchase a rug online without having several good photographs of the rug.

  3. Don't blindly take the seller for his word as to "what" or "where" the rug came from. Even large wholesalers misrepresent what the rugs are.

  4. Don't purchase a rug that you suspect had the dyes touched up (low pile areas where foundation may be exposed) these rugs will bleed when washed if markers were used.

  5. Don't forget to flip your pre-owned rug upside down and vacuum the back and then the top of the rug before use. This will help eliminate the risk of bringing in pesky moths and will give you some idea as to how clean it really is. Getting a professional wash is always a great idea.

  6. Bonus Tip - Don't forget to revisit your trusted rug source once you found one that has served you well.

Other Rug Tips

  1. Purchase a quality rug pad for every rug you own. These shouldn't be just a non-slip mat but a cushion to reduce the impact of people walking on it. It should be at least a 1/4 inch thick to do this. Here is where I have purchased them in the past, RUGPADUSA

  2. Vacuum the top of your rugs with the beater bar high. Vacuum the back of the rug most often, with the beater bars medium height. More dirt comes out of the rug vacuuming the back side.

  3. Ever had a pet use the bathroom on your rug or carpet. Check out this cool trick to clean it. Don't use store bought chemicals or sprays on your rugs. They only make it worse. Duct tape a funnel to the end of the hose on a wet vac, place the funnel under the soiled spot and turn on the wet vac. Now mix a pitcher of vinegar and water together 1:1. Flush this mixture on the section of rug that is over the funnel. This is a good, natural cleaning solution that won't hurt your rug. Flush a good bit of water after the vinegar solution. Youtube Don't do this if the rug needs repairs close to the area of concern as this may cause more damage to your rug.

  4. Keep clothes moth traps in your home to attract them in case one ever gets into your home. They are your first line of defense. I recommend these on Amazon.

RUGPADUSA on Amazon - You need a felt pad with a rubber backing that combined is at least a 1/4-inch thick.


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