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How to Hang an Oriental Rug on the Wall?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

We have three, rug hangers for walls, methods & which one is right for you?

The great thing about Oriental rugs is that they can be enjoyed on the floor as well as on the wall. Often times, wall hanging rugs, is an alternative method of enjoyment that's excellent for antique rugs or those that should no longer be used on the floor.

There are many different methods for wall hanging rugs, some more complicated than others, but all work effectively.

Sewing A Sleeve to the Rug's Back

This method is more complicated and should be done by an Oriental rug shop, but afterwards it's easy to hang using a curtain rod.

Pining the Rug to the Wall Using Nails

This method doesn't require any alterations to the rug, but extreme caution should be exercised to avoid damaging any warps or wefts in the rug. I personally wouldn't recommend this method to anyone.

Rug Hangers for Walls (rug clips or rug clamps)

This method is the simplest and doesn't require any professional to do it. You can find a number of different rug clamps online or from a local Oriental rug dealer. These clamps have teeth which clamp down on the pile of the rug.

The other end of the clamp has either a loop for hanging from a nail or a hook for hanging on a rod/bar. This is our recommendation for most people, and we have rug clamps available here in our store. Make sure you follow a couple of guidelines to ensure that you protect your rug.

  1. Make sure you use enough clamps to fully support the weight of the rug

  2. Don't clamp the rug by the fringe ends

  3. Don't use clamps in a spot that is in need of repairs

The overall goal of hanging a rug on the wall is for enjoyment, without causing further wear and tear to the piece. We never recommend the use of adhesives as they can damage the materials in the rug.

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