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3 Benefits to creating your own hand-knotted, custom rug!

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

I imagine you're knee deep in a home makeover, stressed out like doing a 1000-piece puzzle and praying it will all come together to form the picture you've imagined. Fortunately, not all aspects of home design have to be complicated. Here I'll give you 3 benefits to creating your own hand-knotted, custom rug.

There are several countries which produce hand-knotted rugs, but India is probably one of the simplest to deal with, however, having a business in the United States to deal with can reduce many of the issues, making it easier to create a carpet and not a headache, so find a reputable business that works in custom hand-knotted rugs. The first benefit is color selection.

Color Selection

Whether you're designing your custom rug at the beginning or end of your home makeover, color selection is extremely important and can possibly make or break the look you're going for. With thousands of colors to pick from it can be difficult to decide and is easiest to see them in person. We do color selections using color poms and can mail several colors to customers so that they can pick the colors that work best for their space. Like testing paint colors before rolling your walls, testing colors in your space with color poms can be helpful in making your final decisions.

This gives you the chance to compare the colors to other aspects of your home decor as well as your room's lighting. Many times, I've heard customers that purchased pre-owned Oriental rugs state that colors looked different than stock photos. We don't enhance our photos, but they may look different under other sources of light.


The second-best benefit to creating your own custom rug is picking the dimensions that work best for your space. It can often be difficult to arrange furniture around a rug or carpet that isn't the correct size for your space. This can definitely create a negative atmosphere for socializing with friends and family if your furniture is organized around too large a carpet. Having too large a carpet for your furniture and space can create a situation where your rug receives improper wear and tear. This situation really stinks and is simply a waste of money, which brings us to the third benefit.

Almost cheaper to create

If you've ever purchased an Oriental rug, you know they aren't cheap. Handmade rugs are definitely a luxury item that is in my opinion completely worth the cost. If you've ever shopped in a brick-and-mortar store you know that you can easily spend a few thousand dollars on a large carpet. There is great news! You can create a custom rug or carpet for the same price or possibly even less depending on what you're searching for. The best thing you can do is get quotes from different sources so that you can see what's reasonable for what you're searching for. Purchasing a custom rug or carpet can be a long journey as it can take months to a year to create a single carpet, but boy is it rewarding when you can finally roll it out.

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