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A Rug Gallery you can visit from the comfort of your bed

Are you looking for a Rug Gallery of rugs for sale or a Rug Gallery to research the vast variety or Oriental rugs that exist. We have both here for you to look at, however, what we have available is only the beginning of what exists. We hope you find the Oriental rug you're looking for.

Here you find a Persian design from Iran, but the rug was handwoven in the country of India. This design is one of my favorites. This rug was imported by Shop Custom Rugs.

Here is another example from Shop Custom Rugs. This is a Persian design from the village of Jozan in Iran. They make Sarouk like rugs that are very luxurious and collectable.

These rugs are beautiful and brand new at Shop Persian Rugs. These affordable Oriental rugs come with free shipping in the continental United States and are backed with a Satisfaction Guarantee! You can't beat that.

Check out this amazing beauty. She's a semi antique to antique rug from the Bakhtiari people of Iran. It is dated circa. 1920 - 1930's

This striking rug to the left is a Sino Tabriz, which means a Tabriz design that was woven in China. This rug has approximately 360 knots per square inch (kpsi). The rug is made of wool and silk on a cotton foundation. It is currently available for sale.

This gorgeous rug (right) is hand-knotted from a village known as Yahyali in Turkey (Anatolia). This rug is hand-knotted with a silky-like wool pile on a wool foundation. If you're interested in seeing a larger rug gallery please check it out at

Shop Persian Rugs, our gallery of rugs to remember.


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