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3x5 rugs; 3 Big reasons to buy a 3x5 Oriental rug!

Rugs come in so many sizes and can be customized to fit your needs. Whether we're discussing handmade rugs vs machine-made rugs makes no difference. Several years ago, when I started my online business, selling Persian rugs, my first purchase was a 3x5 rug from Afghanistan. This brings me to my first reason.

What's your budget?

If you're considering purchasing a rug, especially a handmade rug, there is probably a budget in mind. When I was starting my business and didn't have much equity to get started; my budget mattered a lot. Finding a unique, beautiful and quality rug were my top concerns which lead me to purchase a 3x5 hand-knotted Balochis rug. These rugs are relatively simple in design, high quality wool and abundantly made in 3x5 sizes.

Location, location location.

I'm sure you've already decided where you'd like a rug and now, you're just looking for a rug. 3x5 rugs can be used in so many different locations

within the home, unlike larger carpets. I've used 3x5 rugs next to beds, at the end of the bed, doorways, foyers, bathrooms, kitchens, offices and on almost any wall in the house. Because 3x5 rugs can be used almost anywhere, they are great for re-doing a different room later on when you need a change of decor. Not only can a 3x5 be used almost anywhere, but they are also super easy to move as they aren't very heavy, mostly being under fifteen pounds.

Wall Hanger - Art you can see and feel

Because a 3x5 rug isn't very heavy and is relatively easy to move, now you can transition it to the wall as artwork. Whether you need more floor space, or your rug has developed wear, the wall can be a great solution to reduce further wear and still get lots of enjoyment from it. Hanging a 3x5 rug can be done with three or four rug clips. These clamp down on the rug, to hold it snug, and has a loop on the top to be hung from a nail.

At the end of the day the 3x5 rug is lighter, probably cheaper and definitely more versatile within your home or office. Find a great rug to love, enjoy and don't forget to purchase a rug pad to protect your investment.

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