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Custom Handwoven Rugs

We love handmade rugs because of how truly unique they are. This also means that finding a rug with both the design you like and the colors you love can be extremely difficult. We have decided after working with some weavers in Bhadohi, India that we would like to offer the option of having a custom handwoven rug created. To see the whole process in more detail please check out for pictures and videos. Don't forget to follow both and Both our sites have a lot to offer.

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Find Your Design

The first part of customizing your rug is to pick the design you would like to have and the dimensions that you desire. Here I have picked a Jozan as an example.

Choose Your Colors

Here we have 600 color shades to choose from. We can pull them out and show them to you individually. These color selections will then be passed off to the weavers where they will create a CAD image of the rug using these colors, which will then be sent back to us to share with the customer.

ARS Color Shades.jpeg
3'x5' Indo Jozan.jpg

Approving A CAD & Colors

Once we receive a CAD from the weavers, you can start to see how the rug will look. This is the time to request changes to the design or color scheme.  When all the details are as you like then we will send the final CAD back to the weavers to begin the project. At this time we will take payment.

Updates & Shipping

Once the weavers start working on the rug, we'll send picture updates on how the rug is progressing. Once the rug is finished, it will be cut down from the loom, cleaned and prepared for shipping.


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